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Pulpgaming: Mathematics (MA)

In the Mathematics courses, students are equiped with essential math skills required for game development. Topics are covered in a practical way and can be applied directly in other courses. These topics include linear algebra (vectors, cross product, dot product, addition, subtraction, scaling, normalisation, parametric equations); 3D math (vectors, matrices, coordinate transformations, projection); Calculus (Integration, differentiation, numerical and symbolic techniques); Physics (force, mass, acceleration, energy, angular mechanics).

  • The course Mathematics and Matrices (MA2) revisits topics from MA1 and then moves into looking at what matrices are and how they can be used in the world of games programming.

  • The course Mathematics and Physics (MA4) leverages your knowledge and skills¬†from MA1, MA2 and MA3¬†in their application to the world of physics. The physics study focuses on topics commonly used in game development.